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Saturday was beautiful! This made the past couple of days’ challenges almost fade into memory. Almost. The sun was shining. The temperature was in the high 60s. The children spent much of the day riding bikes and playing outside. We ate lunch with our friends outside. I couldn’t have asked for a better day!

During one of the children’s passes around the campground, one of the staff said they would be having S’mores in about an hour. Thanks to the branches the storm knocked down and the trees the staff was cutting down, there were two bonfires going for most of the day. While we played with marshmallows and chocolate, one of the staff members showed off his skill with juggling flaming toys. The boys were enthralled! How long before one of my boys says they want to do that?

Lunch with the Goza’s was nice. Ok, so lunch was just sandwiches for us, but the visiting was great. I love being able to visit without constantly having to look at the clock because I have 100 things left to do before bed! Of course, it helps that they were a joy to be with and the stories flowed back and forth with ease. This is a couple that we have followed for a while who also full time. Being able to meet them face to face was a great way to start this adventure!

What a great time we had meeting our cousins this weekend. They are wonderful, fun loving, down to earth, fellow Christians. We fit right in, and felt like – well, family! We are going to have to come back and spend a longer time in Nashville if for no other reason than to spend some more time with them.

Worshiping this morning at Grace Church of the Nazarene was wonderful. There was some missing of our West Broad family, but God was present and working. One song that we sang that really hit home was “Great is thy Faithfulness.” Every line of the chorus was so appropriate for what God has done for us over the past week. We have seen His provisions day by day. May we never let go of His hand.

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