Ride #1

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So we started locking up the outside compartments, and making sure that everything was out of the way of the slides so that we could close them, and bring down things that were too high to ride where they were. Then we loaded up into the truck and van; me, Abigail, Ian, Adam, and dad in the truck pulling the RV (our house), and Erica, Eli, Olivia, and mom in the van pulling the cargo trailer (the garage). Off we went leaving 25 degrees and ice on the ground (Oh how we loved that weather! hint hint). Mom is doing pretty good getting used to pulling a trailer, however, our dad has pulled trailers before but none of them were 42 feet long. He’s also doing pretty good too. Probably 3 hours later a tanish car with a lot of snow and ice on the back window shed a piece of ice and it slammed into the truck’s windshield right in front of Adam’s face, but thankfully the glass didn’t break. There wasn’t even a scratch! There are three possibilities for why the glass didn’t break:
1 – God was watching over us
2 – Ford makes really good windshields
3 – Both.
Then later a semi with wood on its trailer drove by the truck and it didn’t seem like the wood was tied down to the trailer in any way. Well maybe 10 seconds after the semi passed the truck, a piece of wood flew off the trailer and hit the truck’s bumper, didn’t even ding it a bit. Then we went into the Central Time Zone, which means if it’s, say, 5:00pm in OH, then it would be 4:00pm in Nashville, TN.
But after that long day we made it to Nashville KOA safely, just not in the light like we wanted to. In the end we were safe, and we praise the LORD.

About Owen

Born in 2000, I'm the middle of the 7 Mueller kids. I like to know exactly what the weather's going to do, and I like to keep my dad updated on how much stuff is the RV holding tanks.
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  1. We stayed in Nashville last December and loved it. We were in an RV park just down the street from the Grand Ol’ Opry… I think the KOA was around there, too. Did you see the Parthenon downtown?

    Have fun! Maye we’ll see you on the road.

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