Settling In

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After a few days vacation in Nashville, mostly relaxing, we started the trek to Oklahoma. We planned on it being a two day trip, so as not to arrive exhausted and in the dark. That required an overnight stay. Now I know there are plenty of people out there who routinely overnight at a WalMart, Cracker Barrel or any other place that will let them, but I have never slept in a parking lot before, and the feeling was a little strange. On the bright side, I am getting better at sleeping in unusual surroundings, so I did actually sleep that night in the Cracker Barrel parking lot. We didn’t get started as early as we would have liked the next morning, but made it to Oklahoma in the mid afternoon, with plenty of time to get settled before making dinner. Did you know that the slides go in excruciatingly slowly when the house battery is practically dead?

The campground here in Oklahoma is a quiet, peaceful place, with a very friendly and helpful owner. It doesn’t have the full amenities, but enough of the basics to suit us, almost. The only thing missing that we would really like is a swing set or some kind of playground equipment for the younger ones. On Sunday and Wednesday, we were privileged to worship with Muskogee First Church of the Nazarene. Great people with a heart for serving God and their community.

We have been on the road for two weeks now, and the newness is wearing off. And the adjustments have begun. There have been plenty of instances of sudden bad moods, general grouchiness, and unexplainable tears around here this week as we all try to adjust to this new lifestyle. This is definitely not for the faint of heart! But God keeps giving us His strength and compassion just when we need it. (Those who know me know the compassion must come from God!)

He has also provided little joys, like the expected thunderstorms that never materialized here. And who knew Space Bags could provide so much entertainment?

My children often make me laugh. Several days ago, we had hot dogs left over from a meal, so Bob bought some buns. When telling the children that someone was going to have to eat a hot dog without a bun, Owen wasn’t completely paying attention, so when Bob said, rhetorically, “13 hot dogs, 12 buns. You do the math.” Owen responded quickly with, “Who, me?”

Just last night, I had to laugh as I was cooking dinner and overheard Adam saying to Olivia, who had just hurt herself and was crying, “Do you want a bag of frozen vegetables?” You see, at the sticks and bricks, he would have offered her ice for her potential bruise, but we haven’t made any ice here, so all he could offer her was a bag of frozen vegetables. How long before they start requesting a specific vegetable. “Oh, that’s a head wound. Better get the corn.”

And the adventure continues.

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