Five Civilized Tribes Museum

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Here in Muskogee, Oklahoma, there is a little museum tucked in between the VA hospital and Honor Heights Park, dedicated to remembering five of the tribes that were forced to relocate to what became Oklahoma when the United States was being settled. There were artifacts and displays from the Cherokee, Creek, Choctaw, Chickasaw and Seminole Tribes, such as a rocking chair, bureau, branding irons, and even a stove with irons all around that had been in the girls’ boarding school. We arrived at the same time as another group that had scheduled a guided tour of the museum, so we were able to overhear much of the stories she told. Upstairs, there was an art show, with pieces made by local seventh through twelfth graders. There are some very talented teens there! This was a great place to explore these tribes that have kept their culture through the forced relocation and attempts at integration into American culture. Each tribe stands today as its own unique Nation.

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