A Week in Columbus

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Why is it that most errands seem to take so much longer than anticipated? Erica had an orthodontist appointment on Tuesday, 3/15. We were hoping to get Adam in also, so we were planning on a trip to Columbus for me, Erica and Adam. We knew this when we sold Girl Scout cookies, so made plans to pick up and deliver cookies while in town. For some reason, Ian thought this would be fun and decided to come with us. I do admit to a sense of excitement as we tried to quietly make it out of the rig at a quarter till 6 CST on Monday morning. We hit rain a few miles up the road, and didn’t turn the windshield wipers off until about 6 pm EST. That was about the same time that I noticed the excitement had completely worn off! We were so ready to be in Columbus!

After fourteen hours of driving, we arrived to find many more items still at the house than we expected. We thought donations had already been taken care of and what was left in the house was left for trash. I finally calmed down enough to sleep. The next morning, I was relieved to find out that donations hadn’t been taken yet.

Tuesday morning, we made it to the orthodontist’s office, expecting a short appointment. While there, the staff was able to fit both Erica and Adam in to get their braces off. Although their teeth are not in perfect position yet, we decided it was best to go ahead and remove them. When we gave Erica and Adam the option of having them taken off, they restrained themselves from jumping up and down, although barely! We were very glad to have been able to get this done today, even though we ended up being there 2 ½ hours. We made it home in time to grab some lunch and meet with the Time Warner tech before heading out to pick up and start delivering cookies.

We must have been more worn out than we expected, because all four of us woke up late on Wednesday. We made it to the library about 11:30 so we could get our internet fix, including getting Adam signed up for Facebook. He had been so looking forward to this that I couldn’t make him wait all week until we got back to Oklahoma. We delivered more cookies and visited with friends before heading out to the visitation for my grandma. She had been ill, and passed on Saturday. God worked out the timing perfectly so that I could be here for the funeral, which was Thursday morning. It was good to be able to spend some time with extended family.

Later, we were able to deliver the cookie money and visit some before finally having a little down time at the house. While we packed and prepared to head back to Oklahoma, there were a few odds and ends that I was trying to wrap up as well as cleaning the house a bit.

As Friday morning dawned, we loaded into the van and were able to roll out about 7 am EST. Unfortunately, we knew what lay ahead and were ready to be done before we even got out of Ohio! All except for Erica, that is. She had made herself a nice little cave in the second bench, and was quite happy. For a while.

We had done such a good job of only eating the food that we took with us that I had planned to stop at McDonald’s for supper on our way home. The timing seemed to work out, since we hit a quarter tank of gas for the second time at about 5 pm (I think this was Central time already!) I spent the next half hour watching for an exit that had both a McDonald’s and a decent gas station. After a while, I decided that wasn’t going to happen, so I stopped for gas at the next stop. About 15 minutes later, we finally saw a sign for McDonald’s at the next exit. It didn’t have a distance marked, which should have given me some clue. We ended up having to drive a couple of miles into the little town to find it.

Back on the road, the children started counting cows as we entered Oklahoma. If you’ve never played cows, you get one point for each pasture with cows that you call. Instead of competing, they cooperated to count over 200 from the state line to Muskogee. We also found 29 states in the license plate game. You’ve got to do something to keep focused while driving mile after mile! I decided the children should not be allowed to sleep for a lot of the trip and then eat McDonalds for supper. It gave them way too much energy during the last two hours of the trip, when I was exhausted.

Overall, it was a good week, and I accomplished much, but it is good to be home!

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