Little Luxuries

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As we were ruthlessly downsizing, we knew that we would make some mistakes, leaving items we really should have taken and taking things we really didn’t need. Last week, when I went back to the house, I was glad the trash and donations had not been taken care of yet, because I had discovered that I missed having a towel warmer, of all things! This was a Christmas gift from my dad. My children were the ones who actually encouraged me to set it up, and I figured I might as well use it since I had it set up. I loved it! I am not fond of coldness, so having a warm bathrobe was amazing. Moving into the RV, space was a big issue. We have a lot of storage, but fitting everyday life stuff for 9 people into 400 square feet was a challenge. I decided there was not room in the tiny bathroom for the towel warmer. Only a couple of showers later, I was regretting that decision. We arrived in Columbus last week to discover many things still in the house, one of which was the towel warmer. I was so excited to use it again that I decided it had to come back home with us. The only place I could find to store it is between the toilet and shower. Having to move it to the top of the dirty clothes hamper each day in order to be able to plug it in is only a minor inconvenience and so worth it for the joyful luxury of a warm bathrobe each day!

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  1. Darrel Riggs says:

    I guess holding your bathrobe over an open fire wasn’t working out well, huh?

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