Sherman, TX

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Sherman, Texas is not a very large town, and only has a few choices for RV parking. It is so difficult to determine what a park is going to be like over the phone. The place we ended up staying at, Meadow View Mobile Home & RV Park, had quoted me $23 per night and wasn’t going to charge extra for the children, since we would only be there for two nights. Turns out, this place was much more of a mobile home park than an RV park. And apparently the owner had recently changed the rates and the manager had forgotten that when I talked with her on the phone. So it was supposed to be $44 per night. We compromised at $30 per night. Which I feel was way too high, since there were no amenities at all. Not even a bathhouse. All we got was water, sewer and electric. And the sewer was too far away from the spot, so we had to wait until we had pulled forward on the way out of the park to dump the back tanks. To make things even worse, there was some kind of seed all over the park that was a little sticky burr. These seeds found their way into the rig and we were still picking up souvenirs our first couple of days in Austin! Ah, well, live and learn.

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