Doors and Ants and Tires, Oh My!

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There seems to be something exciting going on around here every day. Below are just a few of our highlights from the past week.

Apparently, our bathroom door is so fragile that it can’t even take being slammed and then having an angry child “gently lean” against it. It took a little while, but Bob was able to free the scared child who had managed to push the door past the trim so it couldn’t be opened. Two hinges and a few adjustments later, the bathroom has a fully functioning door again.

Then there were the ants. It seems I have seen so many over the past couple of days. Maybe I just wasn’t aware of them before. Yesterday, Abigail and Olivia were watering some of the flowers for Carol, one of the owners here, when Abigail stepped in an anthill. Olivia called out for help, and Carol got to her in time to prevent any major encounter, but Abigail still got about a dozen bites on her feet. Now, everybody is on the lookout for anthills, reporting them to Donny, one of the staff here, who has the ant killer on his golf cart.

Changing the tubes on Adam’s bike was yet another learning adventure. Adam and I tried it last night, but couldn’t make it work, so I spent a little time researching how to change them. After that, Adam and I started working on it again. Donny came by and asked what we were working on, then proceeded to walk Adam through it. It’s interesting that when Adam and I tried to do it on our own the night before, we did it the wrong way, trying to put the tube around the rim, and then putting the tire over it. It did not seem possible that the tube we had would work on the rim we have. It just looked too big. But when we did it the right way, putting the tube into the tire, and then working it onto the rim, it fit fine. Hmmm. That sounds like life sometimes. When I try to do it on my own, I do it wrong and get to a point that it doesn’t look like anything will work, whereas if I ask God for some guidance and do it the right way, and it will work just fine.

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2 Responses to Doors and Ants and Tires, Oh My!

  1. Darrel Riggs says:

    Sounds like some interesting times. Make sure all the ants don’t have uncles

    How long will you guys be in Lawton? Did you get Mike and Valerie’s address ok?

    • Diana says:

      We killed all the ant and uncles and the whole family! Yes, I got the address. Thanks. And we were only in Lawton for two nights.

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