Enjoying Texas

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Friday – Sunburns in April! The week before, we had tried to go to a beach that one of the staff here told us about. However, as we drove and drove along the road, it seemed as if maybe we had misunderstood the directions. We ended up at a different beach which was nice enough, but lots of mud. We enjoyed it for a couple of hours to include the time spent playing on the playground and watching a little lizard. This week, we found that we had been on the right road and had turned around when we were almost to the beach. The beaches here are very rocky and not very busy, at least on weekdays. There was a nice wide, shallow area for us to play in, and there was even a small section of sand where the children built castles, moats, and other unidentifiable objects. The best part about the whole thing is that it is only April and it is warm enough for us to comfortably spend time playing in the water.

Sunday – Had a wonderful worship service with Hill Country Church of the Nazarene in Cedar Park, Texas, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus, who took our sins away and conquered death so we could really live. Afterwards, there was an Easter Egg hunt for the children and a family from church invited us over for Easter dinner. The food was delicious and we really enjoyed visiting with a like minded family.

Monday – Pack 151 in Georgetown, Texas has allowed Eli and me to join their meetings for the past month and awarded Eli the gold and silver arrow points that he has earned. They were a very welcoming group and we will miss them. Troop 155 has also accepted the older boys at their Troop meetings.

Friday – Thanks to an Eversave buy in March, we were able to go to Pioneer Farms for half price. This was a neat place to see what some of the early settlers lives were like, including a cotton plantation, a German immigrant farm, an early Texan farm, and an Indian settlement. Although the children got tired out pretty early, it was still a fun day, and I came back even more thankful for the amenities we have now. I do so enjoy my electricity and indoor plumbing. And not having to grow or butcher my own food is nice. I suppose if my life depended on it, I could, but I’ve tried growing a garden, and wasn’t very successful! Besides, it would be a little difficult to find a place for a cow or chickens in the RV.

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