Ohio weather in Texas?

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The weather for the past couple of days has been way too reminiscent of Ohio weather. On Sunday, when we got home from church, the temperature was 92. By the time I got home from the grocery four hours later, it had dropped to 63. Nice cold front, unfortunately, no rain. Last week, we saw something we have never seen in Ohio, though. We watched a thundercloud form and travel over south Austin. It was neat to see in real life what I’ve only seen in textbooks.

We discovered that the three plugs that we plugged the electric heaters into on Sunday night were all on the same circuit, as they popped the breaker in the middle of the night. I decided it wasn’t cold enough for me to get up and do something about it when I discovered this in the early morning hours.

By Monday, it was still cold, but misted a majority of the day. Most of us kept out of the cold, misty weather by helping at the church’s clothes closet work day. Fun, but tiring, and of course, the children brought home several pieces of clothing. I’m impressed that the younger girls only had a small box each! The weather is warming up fairly quickly. Hopefully, it will be nice enough by Friday for us to hit the beach one last time before we head to Pittsburgh.

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