Texas to Pennsylvania

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Saturday, getting ready to travel proved to be more work than expected when we found out that parts of I40 were closed due to flooding, so we had to decide on an alternate route and figure out the best places for us to stay. And we lost Erica to the TV when coverage of the Kentucky Derby started. All of us took a break to watch from the posting of the colors to the race itself, except for Bob who was trying to get an oil change on the van. Unfortunately for Erica, none of her top three picks ranked in the top three.

As it turns out, the best alternate route took us right back through Muskogee, so we stopped back in Crossroads RV Park. They had gotten very busy in the past five weeks, but still had a spot for us overnight. Once we got settled, Ian made dinner, with the help of a few others, to try to give me a little relaxation on Mother’s Day. And the children all tried very hard to be helpful and considerate even when everybody was tired from traveling all day. We may have our occasional (daily is occasional, right?) frustrations, but I do love being a mother, and am glad God chose the children he blessed us with.

Monday was another long day of driving. In the future, I think we’ll stick to one day jumps when possible! Erica apparently decided that counting cows was too boring for her, so instead, she counted dead armadillo. We got to 57. I am now fairly skilled at telling when roadkill is an armadillo or not, even if only the tail is still in tact.. I never knew armadillo were present even up into Missouri. I don’t think she ever spotted any of the dead turtles.

I was struck today by how our lives are like the road. Many times today, it seemed someone missed something. I missed the ostrich. We missed many license plates for the game. Abigail missed the roadkill. Yes, this was a disappointment to her. How many times do we miss opportunities in life? How many times do we look back and realize that God was giving us a chance to make a difference in someone’s life, but we were going too fast to see it? Being on the road has already showed us that we can live and enjoy a simpler life, with more time for people and less time needed for stuff.

We intended to boondock at a WalMart, but the one we intended to stop at was fairly small and the manager didn’t seem all that thrilled about us staying, so we headed in the direction of another WalMart. We spotted a Cracker Barrel first and stayed there. It was much more difficult to sleep than the last time we boondocked because it was warm enough that we slept with the windows open. I don’t sleep well with so many unusual noises.

Tuesday was just another long day of driving, but we were rewarded by staying overnight at the sticks house we still own. It is in contract, so hopefully we will close soon. The children got to spend a little time playing with friends from the old neighborhood, including jumping on the trampoline which was in the driveway, on its way to the neighbor’s house. Apparently, the children have adapted to RV life, because they had three bedrooms from which to choose for sleeping, they all slept in the same room.

Wednesday morning, we visited with some friends, then headed out for Pittsburgh. Driving through small towns up and down hills was horrendous. I am quickly deciding that I prefer flatlands. As we drew close to the campground, there was a low clearance sign stating 12’ 7” ahead. We’re 13’ 6”, so that wasn’t going to work. The local shop owner and the campground staff that Bob called said, “Oh, you’ll be fine.” We went on, with Bob going slowly and carefully up to the bridge. The low clearance must just be on the sides, because he made it through the center with no problem. We got set up and Bob headed out to stay at Matt’s house, closer to his conference.

It was a long ride here. It feels good to be able to set up in place for a few days. The Jellystone we’re at is nice, but I still don’t think I could bring myself to pay full price. It’s offseason until Memorial Day, so we are staying for half price now. Unfortunately, that means the children get to see all these neat things and get frustrated because many are not open yet. There is enough available to keep them occupied, though, and best of all, they get to build a fire.

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