Lexington, KY

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When we realized that we had about 5 weeks between the end of Bob’s conference in Pittsburgh and summer camps in Ohio, we let Erica pick a place in Kentucky for us to visit. She chose Lexington and we worked together to identify Georgetown as the best place for us. We found Whispering Hills RV Park, which had just opened earlier in the year. After letting them know what and who we had, they quoted us a price we could live with and we were thrilled to be going to a park with a playground and a pool that was open. It turned out to be a great decision, as we thoroughly enjoyed our time there. The owners were wonderful and even offered to keep an eye on the children while Bob & I went on date night. We managed to swim almost every day after the pool opened on Memorial Day weekend and the grounds were flat enough that even Abigail could ride her bike on the paved roads. Making lots of new friends is a perk of this lifestyle, and we met several great families during our stay in Georgetown, including our new friends who have 6 children and still invited us over for dinner.

We made it out to several local attractions, including the Thoroughbred Center, Thoroughbred Park, Old Kentucky Chocolates and Kentucky Horse Park, in addition to a few others. Although the Old Kentucky Chocolates tour was short, it was interesting to see how they make some of their candies, and we got samples. I loved it!

For Kentucky Horse Park, I only took Erica and Olivia, because we figured it would be a full day, and while the rest of the family enjoys horses, only my horse lovers would have wanted to stay all day. The Horse Park is a great value. I only paid $37 for the three of us, which covered admission for the whole day into all of the activities of the Park. We were able to view a movie about the history of horses, enjoy two different museums, take a horse drawn tour of the Park, and attend the Show of Champions and the Parade of Breeds twice. We found out that the Parade of Breeds is different each time, so we watched both of them the day we were there. Although I wouldn’t expect a non-horse lover to stay at the Kentucky Horse Park more than half a day, it is a paradise for a horse lover.

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